Friday, November 13, 2009

did it

and I made the switch.

Here it is...

I'll be tweaking it, and hopefully updating it more.


I'm thinking of switching this blog over to wordpress. Aesthetically, there is really no comparison... and I've heard they have a great iphone/ipod app. Really, the only thing holding me back is the fact that blogger is linked up to my google account. I don't know that's worth sticking around for. I'll let you know if anything changes.


I've never been a fan of the first couple weeks of November. It feels like limbo. Normally it's not yet winter, but not really fall either. And to top it off, that dreadful time change. There's something about darkness creeping in at 4:30pm that is off putting.


These last couple weeks have been some of the most perfect fall weather I've seen in a long time. Only now does the frost appear for a few hours each morning. And it gives way to the sun by the time I've finished my coffee. Some of the trees are bare, but most of them retain some brilliant reds and oranges. It's been cold enough to build fires, but not so frigid that I'm wearing thermals. Yet.

There are other things going on in my life besides weather. But I just wanted to take a moment and document how beautiful things can be every now and again.