Thursday, August 6, 2009


My friend over in Bulgaria posted this and I found it really interesting. It's the results for the 2008 Biennial Peace Corps Volunteer Survey. Specifically it's the responses to the question "How personally rewarding is your overall Peace Corps service?"

There are 67 countries with PC volunteers, Bulgaria ranked #61. Almost as many people said their experience was minimally rewarding (10%) as did those who said exceptionally rewarding (13%). The rest were somewhere in the middle. I'm not going to say this is surprising. What did surprise me was the ranking of our original first choice, Jordan. That was even lower at #64.

These kinds of polls have their flaws, and I'm really not sure how I would have answered. It probably would have depended on just how bad my students were that day. But I still think it says something. We were not the only ones to end up leaving. In fact now, over a quarter of our original group is gone, and there's still another year to go.

Good luck kids.

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